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To the entire membership of TSMA:
Thank you for working to provide quality healthcare and patient education every day without you by our side, us as healthcare professionals would not be able to take care of our patients in every way we need. You all are our SUPER HEROES during this pandemic. Congrats on celebrating over 60 years of supporting one of the best professions around! We hope to honor each and every one of you as you continue to be our “SPOTLIGHTS” shining bright of healthcare that you are! Special thanks to the many people who have continued to participate on commitTEAMs that makes up the TSMATEAM. Your continued dedication and hard work will help send TSMATEAM into the FUTURE….

Member Spotlight – Winter 2020


Medical Assistants Recognition Week is observed on Wednesday of the third business week in October. One of the fastest- growing careers in the nation. Medical Assistants make all medical offices run more smoothly and are instrumental in quality patient care. They have been the front lines along with physicians and other healthcare professionals during this Covid-19 pandemic. Their responsibilities can include both administrative and clinical duties. Depending on the type and size of the facility, state, certifications available and the laws affected by where they work. Medical Assistants play a variety of roles.

We encourage all medical assistants to take pictures during MARS week and share these pictures on your Social media accounts-include #MedicalAssistantsRecognitionWeek to get national recognition. Check back soon for a list of CEUs and networking opportunities.


Check out some photos of your favorite leaders and members at TSMA events.